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JBI Construction at Mitchell Hall United State
Air Force Academy in Fountain, Colorado

Locate UtilityJBI Construction of Fountain Colorado is assisting on the Cafeteria remodel at Mitchell Hall USAFA. This project requires numerous core drills and saw cuts that need to be scanned prior to cutting to map the location of any utilities.

The Academy in Colorado Springs, CO services thousands of cadets and cannot be shut down due to the negative output of x-raying the concrete traditionally. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado Springs was called in to find any conduits.

The Mountain Region of GPRS has worked in numerous government facilities in the Rocky Mountain Region such as Fort Carson, Fort Bliss, Schriever AFB, Warren AFB, NORAD Cheyenne Mountain,
Kirtland AFB, Peterson AFB, Holloman AFB, White Sands Missile Range and more.

Jason Schaff is the Regional Director for GPRS Colorado, to schedule a concrete survey he can be reached at (719) 648-6689 or


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