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Ground Penetrating Radar Used to
Locate Post Tension Cables - Denver CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Used To Locate Post Tension Cables - Denver CO

GPRS was recently contacted by Spectrum General Contractors of Denver Colorado to identify post tension cables in a penthouse suite at 1299 Gilpin St. The contractor was installing a new electrical floor box, and was going to be chipping the concrete out and needed to know the location and approximate depths of reinforcement. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to quickly mobilize and assist in this project.

Ground Penetrating Radar Used To Locate Post Tension Cables - Denver CO concrete scanning

Because 1299 Gilpin St is an occupied residence, GPR is able to image the concrete without emitting harmful radiation. GPRS was able to mark all reinforcement, conduits and other obstructions on the floor instantly, and give approximate depths so the contractor could continue on schedule with their work.

GPRS cannot only give locations and approximate depths of post tension cables in Denver; we can map out rebar in Colorado Springs, locate utilities in Colorado City, or clear for boring locations in Casper Wyoming. To schedule an appointment contact your local representative Adam Rock at 303.775.8270.

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