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Utility Locate At Truck Stop - Brighton, Colorado

Utility Locate At Truck Stop - Brighton, Colorado

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by Broadbent & Associates to locate utilities and possible UST’s at a truck stop in Brighton, Colorado. The current owners were looking to sell the truck stop and wanted to make sure everything was up to code and that included the environmental responsibilities. Broadbent & Associates had ten boring locations they needed to make sure were clear of all UST’s, electrical lines, and utilities. Sonar was able to locate all obstructions in the ground prior to boring.

Utility Locate At Truck Stop - Brighton, Colorado locate utilities, locate ustGPRS used a 400 MHz antenna for this application and a Radio Detection (RD) device to detect live current in the ground. Due to the active location Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was ideal because others are able to continue work or activities while x-ray is being executed. All findings work marked directly on the surface with orange paint for easy interpretation at the customer’s request. All activity was able to proceed while Radar scans were being performed and therefore had no affect on the day to day task or activities of the truck stop.

For a scan in your area please contact Adam Kubicki at (303)-913-8630 or at Similar sonar scans have been performed in Salt Lake City, Orem, Provo, Sandy, and West Jordan, Utah. For a utility scan in Idaho or Montana contact Adam Kubicki. GPRS has also completed work in Ogden and Taylorsville, Utah.

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