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Utility Scan with GPR and Radiodetection - Cheyenne, WYPerforming a Utility Search Utilizing GPR and Radiodetection
- Cheyenne, WY

Prior to digging a large trench at a UPPR rail-yard in Cheyenne, WY, an environmental company contacted GPRS Project Manager, Troy Bullock to scan for utility lines. For this project, a combination of both Radiodetection, and GPR technologies were used. Radiodetection is great for determining the location of lines that visibly emerge from the ground, and for this project, we were able to use Radiodetection to locate several live power and communications lines. After scanning the area with Radiodetection, we then used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate any potential unidentified objects that were beneath the project surface.

It is always a good habit to contact GPRS prior to getting started with a project. GPRS helps to create a safe working environment on all construction sites. So, next time you need utilities located in Colorado or Wyoming, please feel free to contact the Denver office at 303-775-8270. You can also reach Project Manager, Troy Bullock by phone at 720-688-1362, or by email at

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