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Grand Junction Post Tension
Slab on Grade Located by GPR

McCauley Constructors of Grand Junction Colorado recently completed a new tennis facility for Mesa
State. After completion of the Post Tensioned slabs for the tennis courts, benches needed to be
installed. In order to anchor the benches to the PT Slab, all tendons needed to be located prior to the

Because ground penetrating radar in Colorado only needs access to one side of the concrete, GPR was
really the only choice for this issue. The technician on site was able to map the location of the tendons
to ensure the structure was not compromised as well as the safety of the drill operator.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado is part of the Mountain Region. This Regional office of
GPRS is able to perform work in such as concrete scanning in Albuquerque, Ground Radar in Kansas City, concrete x-ray by using GPR in Salt Lake City, and imaging of concrete in Omaha or Lincoln Nebraska.




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