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Concrete ScanConcrete Scan at Fishing Pier - Littleton, Colorado

One of the fishing piers along the South Platte River in Littleton Colorado needed to have a few holes cored through the concrete without striking any reinforcement in the process. MLL, Inc. contacted GPRS of Denver to scan the areas using GPR.

Colorado concrete scanningThe technician on site plotted the location of the rebar directly onto the surface so the core drill operator would know where the impediments were. Ground radar is often referred to by names other than GPR such as: concrete scanning, concrete imaging, sonar, concrete x-ray, concrete ultrasound and ground radar.

Ground penetrating radar only needs access to one side of a concrete structure. This allows for a quick interpretation of what lies below this surface of the slab. There is no time needed to develop films or for processing. The radar controller unit allows for immediate results to be plotted directly on the surface.

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