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GPR Used To Locate Live Current Conduit
And Metal Decking - Denver, Colorado

GPR Used To Locate Live Current Conduit And Metal Decking In Denver, Colorado

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Denver, CO was contacted by Regency Electric of Englewood, CO to locate live current conduit, reinforcement and metal decking thick and thin areas of the slab. Regency Electric needed GPRS to scan and locate reinforcement and conduit to core two holes in the slab. The cores were needed to insert new electrical floor boxes in conference rooms. GPRS went out to scan and locate metal decking thick and thin parts of the slab and live current conduit in a fast and reliable manner.

GPRS used a GSSI 1600 MHz Antenna and (RD) Radio-detection Device (a live current locator) to locate the thick and thin parts of the concrete slab and live current conduit. All findings were marked directly on the surface at the customer’s request for easy interpretation with permanent marker. GPR was needed for this job to keep the customer from core drilling through live power conduit. Ground Penetrating Radar was successful for an accurate and safe placing of the core holes without drilling through any power lines.

floor scanning to locate electrical lines  xray to locate electrical lines near denver, colorado

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has helped reduce cost by limiting the chance for expensive job downtime or setbacks due to structure damage, facility shutdown for severed utility line, or worker injury. Ground Penetrating Radar is also safe to be around while concrete imaging is taking place, emitting no radiation unlike concrete x-ray. GPRS can perform concrete imaging investigations on large or small areas to locate post tension cables, rebar/reinforcement layouts and underground storage tank locations. If you need a similar scan on your job site please feel free to contact Kevin Salazar (Project Manager) at 720-498-3834 or e-mail at GPRS Denver services the surrounding Denver Metro areas such as Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Castle Rock, Boulder West Minster, Greeley, Fort Collins and Evergreen. GPRS is also local in Arizona-Flagstaff/Phoenix/Tucson, New Mexico-Albuquerque/Santa Fe, Utah-Salt Lake/Provo/Ogden, Kansas-Kansas City/Wichita, Missouri-Wichita, Nebraska-Omaha/Lincoln and Iowa-Des Moines.

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