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GPRS Locates Reinforcement Rebar at DIA
- Englewood - Colorado

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contacted by Kiewit of Englewood, CO to locate rebar at Denver International Airport. The customer was installing new pipes for life safety on an addition they were doing in the airport and needed to locate were reinforcement was located and what was going to be struck while drilling a ten inch hole. GPRS was able to quickly mobilize and use sonar to assist in this project.

GPRS Locates Reinforcement Rebar at DIA – Englewood - Colorado

DIA is a very active airport with passengers arriving and departing at all times of the day so traditional x-ray would not of been ideal in this situation. GPR is a safe alternative to traditional x-ray because it does not emit any harmful radiation. Passengers were able to be as close as they wanted, or needed and the customer was not required to shut down any part of the airport to perform this survey.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can not only locate reinforcement at airports, we can also clear for boring locations in Wyoming, test concrete thickness in Fort Collins, or find air voids in Aurora. To schedule an appointment or to schedule a lunch and learn to learn about all our capabilities contact your local representative today at 303.775.8270

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